MotorStorm Arctic Edge offering pre-order bonus car

Sony offering pre-orders for PSPgo games? How will that work, then?

MotorStorm Arctic Edge offering pre-order bonus car

Okay, first things first. Over on the official PlayStation blogs, Sony has announced that customers who pre-order MotorStorm Arctic Edge for the PSP will land themselves a shiny exclusive in the shape of a Mirage Rapide rally car with two customisable skins, top speed gearing and handling set to maximum drifting.

This particular motor is pegged as the perfect vehicle for handling the wild Alaskan heights with its snowy and icy courses.

But Sony's blurb raises a quizzical eyebrow on our digital faces: "...pre-order MotorStorm Arctic Edge for PSP and PSPgo."

Pre-order for the PSPgo? How, and why, would you need to pre-order for a digital download? And if you do go the download route, how do you get your Mirage Rapide?

Fortunately, it seems to simply be a poor choice of phrase on Sony's part, and an answer was quickly issued to let potential PSPgo owners know how to get their hands on pre-order bonuses.

"Just spoke with the Product Manager and he will make the pre-order download available for all consumers who purchase the game from the PSN within the first 30 days from launch," explains a reply to this same question on the blog.

Apparently this is how Sony will handle pre-order bonuses for downloaders (on other games such as Gran Turismo) - offering the content to all digital buyers within a certain period after the game's launch. Presumably the thing about pre-ordering games for the PSPgo is just a slip of the keyboard.


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