MotorStorm Arctic Edge screenshots unveiled

'Ice' to see you

MotorStorm Arctic Edge screenshots unveiled

The PSP version of MotorStorm has been on our radar for a while now, offering a unique angle on the brutal, chaotic racer for Sony's handheld by taking to the narrow, ice-coated terrains of Alaska.

Spanish website PSN! has grabbed hold of a few extra MotorStorm Arctic Edge images, which show off the harsh environments you'll be power-sliding through.

On top of the slick terrain we also get a glimpse of the different ice-driving vehicles, including the snow mobiles, dragsters and buggies. With up to eight player games, this should provide some seriously hot ice action.

If half of what we learned in our exclusive interview with game director Richard Ogden is true - and this latest batch of screenshots suggests it is - MotorStorm Arctic Edge could prove that UMD still has some life left in it.

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