MotorStorm not coming to PSP after all

So Sony says - and it's probably telling the truth

MotorStorm not coming to PSP after all
| MotorStorm Arctic Edge

Last week we were mildly excited by the rumour MotorStorm could be coming to PSP. It all started from a listing for such a title on retailer GAME's website, see.

However it has now been unceremoniously quashed by the Sony itself.

According to Videogamer, an SCEE spokesperson has confirmed the listing was a mistake and that they have requested remove the listing. So that's not a "No comment", or a "We don't comment on rumour and speculation". That's a "No it's not and we're going to tell GAME to remove it pronto".

It'll be a shame for some, but we hadn't really banked on MotorStorm on the small screen living up to the high-def, marvel-at-every-mud-particle PS3 version anyway. Of course, there's still a chance the game could make it to PSP at some point. But it's looking like it's some way off, or not even in the works yet.