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General tips: part one

Let's get you started!

General tips: part one
| Monster Legends

Monster Legends is absolutely packed with content, features, and, monsters.

As a result, newcomers can get a little overwhelmed. This Monster Legends game hub is here to help.

Let's begin with some general tips to help get you started.

Gathering resources

As in any strategy game, gathering and managing resources is vital to progression. There are three types of resource to worry about in Monster Legends: gold, food, and gems.

Gold is primarily produced in your monster's Habitats, food is made in your Farms, and you acquire gems via IAPs.

There are other means to earning resources though. Gold and food can also be earned in the Monster Market, gems via the Monster Book, and all of the above by completing goals.

Focus on your goals

Once you've completed the tutorial, you may feel like you've been dropped into the deep end. This is where your goals come in.

These handy tasks point you towards your next accomplishments and reward you with gold, food, gems, and experience.

We recommend that you complete the goals in order, but don't be afraid to skip ahead if you can't complete your current goal until later.

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