A look at the buildings: part three

Advanced buildings

A look at the buildings: part three
| Monster Legends

It's about time that we talked about some of the more advanced buildings you'll come across in Monster Legends so we're expanding the buildings guide.

Read on for more information about the Temples, Harbor, and Boosts.


Temples are essential once your monsters reach level ten - without them they can't gain more levels.

Temples remedy this. There is one for each element (Fire, Nature, Earth, Thunder, Water, Dark, Magic, and Light) and building one allows all monsters of that specific element to gain ten more levels.

For example, building a Fire Temple will allow Firesaur to surpass level ten and reach level 20.

You can build up to eight temples of the same element, and doing so will allow your monsters to reach the max level cap of 100.

There is a personal level requirement for building Temples that ranges from level seven to 45.


The Harbor is a permanent structure and cannot be destroyed or moved.

It allows you to access the Adventure Map, Monster Legends' player versus environment section where you can fight monsters, minibosses, and bosses for various rewards.

You can upgrade the Harbor twice to gain a higher stamina point cap. This allows you to participate in more Monster Arena battles in a two hour period so is an essential upgrade for those that enjoy PvP.


Boost buildings give all Habitats in a nearby radius a 10% boost to gold production, but only if they share the same element.

For example, a Fire boost will boost all gold production for nearby Fire Habitats by 10%.

Naturally, Boost buildings are expensive and only really worth it for Monster Legends players in it for the long haul. They're also only available to players starting at level 20.
You can earn up to an 80% boost in gold production by having four Boosts of two different elements near Habitats that contain monsters of both those elements.

For example, a Fire and Earth hybrid monster will benefit from both a Fire Boost and an Earth Boost.

Our advice would be to keep same element Habitats close together to get a massive gold advantage when Boosts become available.