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A guide to Runes and where to get them

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A guide to Runes and where to get them
| Monster Legends

If you've just started playing Monster Legends, you may want to skip this guide for now as Runes aren't something you need to think about for a while.

Advanced players, read on to discover what a rune is, the different type of runes, and how to get them.


Runes are equipable traits that improve a monster's, or those around it's, stats.

Each monster is born with one Rune that cannot be altered and two empty Rune slots.

This means that you can equip it with two more of your choosing once the player and itself reach a specific level.

Bear in mind that the third Rune slot costs 250 gems to unlock.

Different types

There are four different types of Runes: Life, Strength, Speed, and Stamina and each of them come in two different forms.

There's a regular variant, that applies a statistical bonus to the monster only, and a team varient, that applies the bonus to all monsters.

Buying the initial Rune costs a fair amount of gold but they can be leveled up to a max level of six by spending gems, visiting the Runes Market, or Crafting.

Runes Market

The Runes Market becomes available to build at level 28 and is your go-to place for purchasing Runes.

Tap on the Runes Market and then the monster on the list that you want to purchase Runes for. You'll see the Runes it already has equipped in this next screen.

If they don't currently have any Runes, you can purchase any of their level one, two, or three forms right here for a set number of gold and gems.

Crafting Runes

Runes over level four have to be crafted but doing so is a very simple process of combining four lower level Runes to create a higher level one.

For example, four level three Runes can be combined to create a level four Rune.

The chance of success by that method is 100% but you can use Runes of varying types and levels for a lower chance at a higher level random Rune.