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Monster Legends - best monsters to breed

Monster Legends - best monsters to breed

If you've been playing the game for a while, then you've probably wondered which are the best monsters to breed in Monster Legends. To start off, there is no simple answer to that. The game features hundreds upon hundreds of monsters, and each one belongs to a specific element and breed. That means you will need to know exactly which are the best ones to pick to produce better monsters. 

The game's monsters can be paired and bred, which will result in a random (or not so random, depending on the initially chosen characters) monster that takes after the elements and some of the characteristics of the pair. We will cover some of the best monsters in Monster Legends you can breed for each rarity. 

To get many Legendaries, you must learn to breed monsters accordingly

Since Legendary monsters are some of the best and arguably easier to obtain than the Mythic ones, you want to master acquiring them first and foremost. That might require quite a bit of work, but once you've got the basics down, you can safely venture onto the breeding grounds and start creating your Legendary dream team. 

So, how do you exactly choose which are the best monsters to breed? That entire process will first come down to which monsters you actually own. Sometimes you have to breed several monsters before you can achieve the one you aim for. 

How to breed monsters in Monster Legends?

To start breeding monsters, all you need to do is head over to the Breeding Mountain and select the 'Breed' option. You can then pick the two monsters you want to start breeding and select the 'Start Breeding' option. After the breeding is complete, you can pick up the egg and move it into the Hatchery. That's pretty much it - now it's the waiting game. 

Hatching the egg can take anywhere between a few seconds to a couple of days, but if you don't really feel like waiting for so long, then you can speed things up a little by spending some in-game currency. 

How it works

If you're not sure why you cannot actually breed specific monsters, let's cover that as well. In Monster Legends, the breeding process doesn't let the player breed specific "opposing" elements - this is based on a chart that many players know about, but if you want to know for certain, these are the elements that cannot breed together:

  • Fire and Light
  • Nature and Thunder
  • Earth and Magic
  • Water and Dark

Aside from these elements, the player can breed pretty much anything, and the results may vary depending on the rarity and type of the "parents". Also, it's worth noting that Metal and Special elements can breed with anything. And now that you've got a better understanding of the breeding basics, let's check out the best monsters to breed in Monster Legends, by rarity! 



The following Common monsters are really good to breed overall. They can result in a plethora of higher-rarity monsters and when bred accordingly, they can even result in Legendaries. Overall, these are some of the best monsters you can try to breed in the game since they don't take too long (from several seconds up to a few minutes) and the entire process is relatively quick. Of course, keep in mind that all the chances are random, so it's entirely up to your luck what the resulting monsters will be.

Firesaur  |  Treezard  |  Rockilla  |  Thunder Eagle  |  Mersnake  |  Tyrannoking  |  Genie  |  Light Spirit  |  Metalsaur


Uncommon monsters are great for breeding as well, but they take more time than the aforementioned Common ones. While there are not a whole lot of Uncommons that we particularly like, the following two are great for using in battle and breeding as well.

Sealion  |  Metanephrops


Rare monsters are pretty cool, especially if you upgrade them and use them in situations where they shine. The following breedable Rare monsters in Monster Legends are our top picks because they not only are decent by themselves but can also deliver great results after breeding. Some of them are used in breeding Legendaries and Epics, and while the chance is not extremely high, it's still there. 

Bonbon  |  Beefcake  |  Vapwhirl  |  Mudflow  |  Eggknock  |  Freettle


Breeding the following Epic monsters can result in some pretty neat Legendaries. Epic monsters take considerably longer to breed than the rarities we've covered thus far, but if the resulting monster is a Legendary, it's worth the wait. Epic monsters can be used for any content in the game (including PvP battles) because they have powerful skills that, when upgraded, can prove extremely potent. 

Rhynex  |  Panbdalf  |  Fayemelina  |  Griffex  |  Drop Elemental  |  Razfeesh


Last but definitely not least, we have Legendary monsters - these are some of the best Legendaries that you can breed in Monster Legends since they can result in Mythic monsters. As many of you already know, Legendary monsters are among the most commonly used in the later stages of the game, together with Mythic ones. However, some Legendaries might be even more powerful than some of the Mythics, so if you want to breed them, you can try breeding the following monsters.

Lilysha  |  Barbatos  |  Dr. Hazard  |  Darkzgul  |  Draza  |  Master Skeel

Of course, these are just a few of all the breedable monsters in the game. Generally speaking, these are among the best - but depending on each player's preferences and needs, the best breedable monsters can differ. Keep in mind that you can also breed different rarity monsters with various results, sometimes increasing the chances of getting rarer monsters. 

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