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A guide to the Adventure Map

I choose you, Adventure Map!

A guide to the Adventure Map
| Monster Legends

The Adventure Map is Monster Legends's answer to player versus environment - the single player portion.

There's a lot of content here and it's constantly growing thanks to Social Point's steady stream of updates and expansions.

As a result, it can be overwhelming for new players and this guide aims to remedy that. If that's you - read on!

I choose you, Adventure Map!

The Adventure Map is made up of 100 levels on a beautifully illustrated map featuring 15 different islands.

Starting on the first level, you'll complete each level in order unlocking more and more islands as you progress.

Completing a level for the first time earns you gold, experience, food, monsters, and gems and you'll get a star rating out of three based on how well you performed.

Should you try a battle again to improve that rating, you'll be able to spin a roulette wheel to get a chance at some juicier rewards.

Horrible bosses

There are three different types of levels: regular levels, miniboss levels, and boss levels.

Every fifth level is a miniboss and every tenth, a boss. All levels in between are regular levels.

Pay attention to the levels and elemental type of your opponents. Each element is strong against one element, and weak against the other.

Having monsters at a lower level will also put you at a distinct disadvantage so don't be ashamed to take a break from the Adventure Map to feed your monsters and come back stronger.


The first eight islands are elemental-themed so it's relatively easy to guess which opponents you'll be facing - use this to your advantage.

The seven levels after that are a little trickier as the monsters you face will vary drastically. Trial and error is the best approach here.

Take your best monsters and, if they don't succeed, make note of your opponents and select monsters that are strongest against them next time.