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General tips: part two

It pays to play with others!

General tips: part two
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This second general tips guide takes a look at how to spend gems wisely, which IAPs you should fork out for, and the benefits to playing with friends.

Spend your gems wisely

Though it's tempting, try to hold off from speeding up every task - particularly those that take mere seconds or minutes. And use every other means to gather resources before you purchase them with gems.

Don't be afraid to use your gems in the Monster Market though - especially if you only have a few friends playing with you. It's a really cheap and effective way to gather a ton of resources.

Recommended IAPs

The starter pack is a highly recommended IAP that's only available during your first three days of play.

It offers a massive discount on a variety of useful items for newcomers, including gold, a rare monster egg, gems, and food - it's easily the best value offer for your money in Monster Legends.

There are also regular special offers that provide steep discounts on one of the resources. If you find yourself frequently low on what's on offer, don't hesitate to drop the cash.

Get social

Get your friends to play Monster Legends with you - it pays.

With friends you can unlock rare monsters earlier, gather a ton of resources for free in the Monster Market, and visit their worlds to steal some of their resources.

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