A look at the common monsters: part one

Gotta collect 'em all

A look at the common monsters: part one
| Monster Legends

There are a lot of monsters to collect in Monster Legends - 165 in fact. And if you plan to collect them all, the Monster Legends game hub is here to help.

To get you started, here's a look at the first type of monster you'll meet: common monsters - named so because they're aligned to just one element.


Part dinosaur, part flaming inferno, the Firesaur has a fiery tail - and temperament.

Its primary element is fire so all of its battle skills, bar one, are fuelled by the flames of wrath.

The Firesaur is resistant to fire-based attacks and, unsurprisingly, is completely immune to burning. Water-based attacks are a Firesaur's only weakness.

Thunder Eagle

The Thunder Eagle is a bird-like monster with sharp, lightning-shaped wings.

Its primary element is lightning but it has a fair few physical attacks and skills up its thunderous sleeves.

The Thunder Eagle is susceptible to earth-based attacks but it can resist lightning damage and is immune to being dazed.


Forget about Godzilla, it's all about Rockilla - a monster so tough it's made from pure stone.

Rockilla is strong enough to drive its enemies right into the ground and is resistant to earth-based attacks.

It's vulnerable to dark attacks, though it regains 15 energy points when hit by them.

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