A look at the buildings: part one

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A look at the buildings: part one
| Monster Legends

There are a lot of buildings to spend your hard-earned gold on in Monster Legends - a lot.

In this two-part feature series we'll take a look at each of the buildings to help you decide if, and when, to purchase them.


Farms are a cheap and easy means to grow the food necessary to level up your monsters.

We recommend you build as many Farms as possible and keep them churning out food so you always have enough to feed the growing number of monster mouths.

The Farm can be upgraded to grow even more food - but only do so when you find yourself running out frequently.

Worker's Hut

Each Worker's Hut grants you a worker - little purple monsters that clear the land to help you expand your city.

At 50 gems the Worker's Hut is more of a luxury for those who are willing to lay the cash down. If that's not you, you're best off constantly ordering the default workers to chip away.

Recruitment Tavern

Recruit three friends at the Recruitment Tavern and you get a rare monster to add to your collection.

We recommend that you do this early on to gain a powerful monster army to help you walk through the initial missions and PvP battles. Do it multiple times and you'll soon have a powerful monster army at your disposal.

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