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A guide to upgrading

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A guide to upgrading
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Buildings can be upgraded as you progress throughout Monster Legends, and most upgrades are designed to increase the building's productivity.

This guide takes a close look at each upgrade to help you decide if it's worth your time and gold.


An upgraded Habitat houses more monsters and is worth upgrading as soon as your Habitat is full - provided you can afford it.

More monsters living in a Habitat increases the amount of gold it will produce.


An upgraded Farm allows you to produce much more food but at a higher cost.

It's only worth doing if you find yourself low on food often, though it's more cost effective to produce vast quantities of cheaper food instead.

Breeding Mountain

The Breeding Mountain only allows you to breed one monster at any given time - a time-consuming process.

The Ultra Breeding Tree is the solution, allowing you to breed two monsters at once.

Breeding is a costly process so this is best left until much later, when filling out the Monster Book becomes your priority.

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