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How to get Zenny in Monster Hunter Now

How to get Zenny in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now has a few different currencies, but one of the most powerful is Zenny. Zenny is the main one used for forging and upgrading your equipment, and without it, your weapons and armor will become outdated. There are notifications in the game which show when you can forge or upgrade your equipment, which can guide you on how to spend your Zenny in the best way.

As you continue through the chapters and unlock higher star rating monsters, you will need to ensure that your weapons and armor are also up to scratch, otherwise, you will find yourself failing. There is a timer that requires you to kill the monster in that time, and without strong weapons, you cannot do that. Each monster also has a suggested armour count and if you are far from it, the monster can one hit kill you, which not only costs you time but also a potion. 

Where you can spend Zenny

How to get Zenny in Monster Hunter Now.

There are four ways you can get Zenny within the game. Firstly, you can obtain some by slaying monsters. Now, the amount you get per kill is pretty low and dependent on the monster. Monsters with zero stars give you zero Zenny. For each star rating, the monster is, you get 10 Zenny. So a four-star monster killed will give you 40 Zenny, for example. 

Another way to get considerably more Zenny is through quests. Each day, you get three Special quests to do before the timer runs out. These quests give you 1000 Zenny once you complete them, allowing you to gain 3000 Zenny just from these quests per day. There are also amounts of Zenny assigned to the storyline Quests, from time to time, but it's worth noting the end of a chapter, Urgent Quests give no Zenny in the Quest area.

Earning Zenny through quests like 'Slay Jyuratodus'

A third way to get Zeeny is through getting new people into Monster Hunter Now. This is a great passive way to gain Zenny, as a new user would just need to use your referral code. From there, they need to get to Hunter Rank 6, which will then give both players 3 paintballs, 5 potions, and 300 Zenny. Though this is a smaller amount, referring a lot of friends can give a good stream of Zenny to hold onto.

Lastly, if you are in a pinch, you can always purchase Zenny using gems. There are two default packages for purchasing Zenny in Monster Hunter Now; 1000 Zenny for 220 gems and 10000 Zenny for 1980 gems. Gems are a more premium and rare currency than Zenny but if you need Zenny you can purchase it.

And that's it! Everything you need to know about Zenny in Monster Hunter Now. Hopefully, you can find a way to forge all of the various weapons in the game! If you're a newcomer, take a look at our Monster Hunter Now tips, they will clear any confusion and set you on a path of champions.

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