Everything we know about Monster Hunter Now's Fulminations in the Frost season content

Everything we know about Monster Hunter Now's Fulminations in the Frost season content

Monster Hunter Now has had its next season, Fulminations in the Frost, announced and detailed. The name of this season was translated from Japanese, with Fulminations meaning something along the lines of violent flash - like lightning! This fits in well with the new content that is coming, especially with some of the elements being highlighted.

Fulminations in the Frost will launch on the 7th of December and will run into the new year. After this update, we should expect to see updates every three months, showcasing new content and balancing existing content. 

New Monsters

In Fulminations in the Frost, we are going to see four new large monsters to hunt.

  • Found in forest and swamp biomes.
  • Weakness: Fire and Dragon
  • Element: None
  • Found in forest biomes.
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Element: Ice
  • Found in desert and swamp biomes
  • Weakness: Ice
  • Element: Thunder
  • *Zinogre, unlike the other three on this list, will only be available through a new feature, which will be announced soon.
  • Found in dessert and swamp biomes.
  • Weakness: Ice and Dragon
  • Element: Sleep

There will be in-game quest lines to unlock the larger monsters, before they will appear in their biomes on your map. After they are unlocked, they will also join the Chapter Story rotations, along with the other large monsters currently featured there.

There will also be two new smaller monsters to hunt: Cortos and Wulg.

New Weapons and Armor

With this update, two new weapons will get added:

Dual Blades
  • Ideal for close-range encounters
  • 10 different versions from 10 different monsters
  • Demon Mode - Your ability is supercharged, with an extra, fast-paced mode that allows you to attack the monster, running down its spine.

This is my favourite of the two new weapons, it's great for close-range combat, feels fast, and the Demon Mode is really quite fantastic to see. This is ideal for players like me, who want to do lots of close-range damage and dodging.

  • Extended reach for large monster attacks
  • 11 different versions from 11 different monsters
  • Big focus on guard and holding in guard can damage a monster.

This weapon is heavy, making you move and attack at a slower pace. Even dodging is like little steps - but it is able to push right through enemies, doing a ton of damage!

Additionally, we will see 46 new weapons and armor, from the new monsters and types mentioned above. We got the chance to look at the Zibogre armor, which is stunning and is a clear fan favourite for its design.

New Element

The Fulminations in the Frost also introduces the element of Sleep. Sleep, as you could imagine, causes you or a monster to sleep. When fighting, small bubbles will appear above your head, and you'll slow down until you're on the ground, sleeping. When checking out this feature, monsters did not do many attacks during this time, and instead, it felt like this element drains the time available to fight. Weapons will also be able to have the sleep element, which can put a monster to sleep so that you can continue fighting it without seeing any counterattacks.

Map Changes and Game Balance

The map itself will be re-skinned to have some winter aspects to it. This is purely cosmetic. 

When it comes to game balance, close-range weapons will have more power and long-range weapons will need more accuracy when attacking monsters. This is due to the fact that close range weapon users have more risk involved when attacking - particularly when it comes to being attacked - then long range. This balancing is meant to make the weapons more fair.

It is exciting to hear that we should be expecting these sorts of updates every 3 months, with a new feature also being added to the game. Stick around for more news on that soon! And don't forget to redeem promo codes for MH Now while you're waiting!

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