MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is an upcoming puzzle adventure game for iOS from TheCodingMonkeys

Set to release on April 15th

MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is an upcoming puzzle adventure game for iOS from TheCodingMonkeys

TheCodingMonkeys have announced that the second game in their MonkeyBox series will be arriving for iOS on April 15th. It's called Cards! and will be the follow up to Polarized, which released in March last year. The MonkeyBox series of games are intended to be shorter, more experimental experiences.

Cards! then is a story-driven puzzle adventure that uses a deck of cards to depict its narrative. It promises to be simple to get the hang thanks to intuitive mobile controls, which will consist of a series of swipes and taps.

The App Store description of the game is deliberately vague, mentioning various locations you'll travel through, which include oceans, caves and deadly deserts alongside mentioning potential encounters with dangerous cats and a trip in a hot air balloon.

It certainly doesn't tell us an awful lot about what the story will actually be about, but that might be intentional on TheCodingMonkey's part, to keep their digital cards close to their chest. However, we do know that the world of Cards! is a dangerous one, so the choices you make may prove vital to your survival.

It's definitely a different prospect from its predecessor Polarized, which saw you progress through the story by taking pictures of various objects in real life. Cards!, on the surface at least, seems a little more standard fare since we've seen a few card-based narrative games over the years. But that doesn't guarantee we won't find anything new when the game launches on April 15th.

MonkeyBox 2: Cards! is available to pre-order now over on the App Store ahead of its release on April 15th. It will be a premium title that costs $1.99.

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