Moncage's optical illusions invite you to look beyond what the eye can see on November 16th

Moncage's optical illusions invite you to look beyond what the eye can see on November 16th
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Developer Optillusion and publisher XD Inc. have announced the official release date for Moncage, the gorgeous-looking vignette puzzler landing on mobile devices this November 16th. The mysterious puzzle adventure lets players put on their thinking caps and solve an intriguing mind twister about a boy, his father, and a lighthouse that somehow connects them.

Moncage features stunning multidimensional worlds represented by adjacent spaces, all designed with a dreamlike vibe and stunning visuals. You'll have to navigate through optical illusions with each side of the cube, and figure out just how every side connects to another in not-so-obvious ways.

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Manipulating the cube isn't just a matter of looking at different angles - you'll also have to find interactions between objects from aligning light sources to balancing scales. The graphics alone do look mesmerizing and evocative, based on the intriguing teaser trailer embedded above. And if you do get stuck, the helpful hint system can get you out of a sticky situation when you need it.

Players will have the chance to explore 60 interactive puzzles across 50 scenes to uncover the secrets of the cube. Plus, photos that you discover here and there reveal the compelling story between a boy and his father, so you'll solve puzzles not just for the heck of it but also for the satisfaction of unfolding the main narrative.

Moncage will launch officially on November 16th for both iOS and Android devices. You can also have a look at the game's official Steam page to know more about the gameplay. The Steam version will set you back $14.99, while the mobile version will cost $4.99 a pop on the App Store and on Google Play.

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Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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