ICS Mobile announces online iPhone title Modern Pirates

Meshing strategy gameplay with Eliminate's infrastructure

ICS Mobile announces online iPhone title Modern Pirates

With its free Navy Patrol Coastal Defense Zero game (pictured) clocking up over 100,000 downloads over the Christmas holidays, US developer ICS Mobile is gearing up for a busy 2010.

The previously three-man team is bulking up to an eight person studio as it prepares to bring Navy Patrol Coastal Defense to others mobile platforms - Android looks likely - as well as starting work on its next iPhone game.

Called Modern Pirates: Deep Sea Raids, this will be an online strategy resource management multiplayer game in the mould of Eliminate Pro.

"It will combine components of Risk gameplay with Hungry Hungry Hippos, and some role-playing aspects," explains ICS's CEO Joe Bayen. "It may sound complicated but unlike Navy Patrol, it will be very easy to pick up."

As part of this flexible difficulty curve, Modern Pirates will include a creation aspect, which will enable players to make their experience harder or easier depending on their choices.

Modern Pirates: Deep Sea Raids is expected to be released in summer 2010.