3GSM 2007: Mobi Lover gets frisky on your phone

Have your girlfriend in the palm of your hand. Literally.

3GSM 2007: Mobi Lover gets frisky on your phone
| Mobi Lover

A dog may be for life, but it's not much fun to share a bath with. Spanish firm Kitmaker realises this, and so is giving the virtual pet genre a more romantic spin with Mobi Lover, a virtual girlfriend game.

Describing itself as a 'love adventure', you basically have to interact with your virtual lady to keep the flames of passion alight. How? By shopping, watching TV, going out dancing, sharing baths, and, erm, playing video games, among others.

Do it well, and you'll have a happy other half. The ultimate goal is... well, you can probably guess what it is. And no, we haven't uploaded the screenshots from that bit.

Think all this is a bit sexist? Kitmaker has also developed a separate version with a virtual boyfriend, called Mobi Loverman. Sadly, it's nothing to do with Shabba Ranks though.

Both games are due out soon.