MitraSphere, Crunchyroll's fantasy gacha RPG, is closing down its global client in the coming month

MitraSphere, Crunchyroll's fantasy gacha RPG, is closing down its global client in the coming month
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Crunchyroll has announced that their co-op gacha RPG MitraSphere will be closing down its service and ending support on February 1st of this year. After launching only about a year and some change ago, it’s a bummer to see the unique project associated with the largest American anime distributor shut down so soon, but the gacha market is a brutal one, and it seems MitroSphere just didn’t have the player base to keep up.

MitraSphere was a high fantasy RPG that featured engaging turn-based combat alongside a large variety of original characters with a lot of content to boot. However, MitroSphere never really did much to differentiate itself from other fantasy mobile RPGs like Granblue Fantasy or even Brave Nine, and it seems like this was a part of the reason for the lower player count.

On top of this, some fans were noted as saying that the monetisation of the free-to-play game was rather poor, excluding a lot of F2P players from progressing at the same rate that players who invested a lot of money could.

It would also appear that updates to MitraSphere came few and far between, with larger delays between new content than typically found in these sorts of games. All of these elements tied into one, and it seems like the game ended up just not being loved enough to continue.

Still, it’s always sad to see a game shut its doors, especially one that only existed for a brief period of time. After February 1st, the game will be removed from storefronts and become unplayable, so if you’ve wanted to try it, you can do so for only a short period of time.

So, if you’re curious as to what MitraSphere held for players and want to take a peek before the game shuts down for audiences outside of Japan, you can download it for free at either of the links below!

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