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MISTICO, a point and click puzzle adventure, is now available for iOS and Android

MISTICO, a point and click puzzle adventure, is now available for iOS and Android

MISTICO a first-person point and click puzzle adventure game by M9 Games is now available for both iOS and Android. MISTICO is a small mysterious Spanish island hidden somewhere in the Balearics. The story starts when the in-game character heard something about the location of MISTICO and starts exploring the exact location.

On his way out, he finds the coordinates of the location, drawn on a torn piece of paper, from where he starts his journey on a speed boat. However, the journey wasn’t smooth and didn’t go according to the plan and the adventure starts from here.

The game uses a simple classic point and click puzzle adventure setup, where the player needs to touch the screen to move around and use the arrows to move back and forth. They'll use the inventory to collect different objects and combine them to solve the puzzles and to escape various areas. Also, the players must keep in mind that they need to collect resources to advance to the next puzzle set.

Players will have to put their puzzle-solving skills to the test in order to create a strategy to swiftly pass through different areas and make their way out of the island. With beautiful 3D graphics and a unique soundtrack, players can have a great time finding a logical solution for the puzzle.

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For the players who have played point and click puzzle adventure games before will find this game familiar, although the graphics and soundtrack are quite unique. Apart from that, what makes MISTICO a unique game is its storyline which creates a perfect blend of suspense and mystery that makes the player curious to find out the truth and unravel the mystery. 

MISTICO: 1st Person Point & Click Puzzle Adventure is available now on App Store and Play Store. It is a premium title that costs $0.99. 

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