UK-based publisher Egmont will launch a range of Minecraft books this September

In all territories outside of US

UK-based publisher Egmont will launch a range of Minecraft books this September
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If you're a fan of game-related collectibles, you'll no doubt already know that there are tons of Minecraft shirts, scarfs, plush toys, and - among other things - vinyl figurines floating around the internet.

UK-based children's book publisher Egmont has announced that it will bolster this pool of Minecraft merchandise with a range of crafting books.

Booksellers will begin to line store shelves with Egmont's first four Minecraft-related books (The Beginner's Handbook, The Redstone Handbook, The Combat Handbook, and The Construction Handbook) in September.

A Minecraft annual, a Minecraft poster book, and an All About Minecraft magazine will eventually be released, too.

This publishing deal covers all territories outside of the US.

"We knew whatever we created needed to be fun, informative, and centre on the Minecraft community," Sarah Bates, the MD of Egmont's licensing division, said.

"The fans are extremely important to us and we want our publishing to both feed their thirst for gaming knowledge through an engaging reading experience, whilst also offer exclusive content from the developers which they can't get online."

According to Bates, Egmont will be working closely with Minecraft developer Mojang, as well as with the game's many "superfans".

Next month, in fact, fans of Mojang's build-'em-up will have the chance to get their best blocky design featured in the abovementioned Minecraft poster book.


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