Minecraft Pocket Edition - How to get every achievement (Farmer Guide)

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Minecraft Pocket Edition - How to get every achievement (Farmer Guide)
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The latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition adds an awesome new feature to the mix: Xbox Live achievements.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to unlock them all. But first, some caveats.

You must be signed in to Xbox Live to earn achievements. You must be in survival mode, and you can’t use a world that has swapped from creative to survival mode.

You can, however, use a custom seed to start your game.

Okay, sorted? Let’s begin.

Time to Farm! - 10G
Make a Hoe


Punch a tree to get some wood. When you have a small pile, open your inventory, open the crafting menu, and make some planks - and then a crafting table.

Then place the crafting table down and tap on it to open the advanced crafting menu. From here, make some sticks and then use the sticks and planks to make a hoe.

When Pigs Fly - 40G
Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it


A saddle is a tricky item to get, as you can't craft one. Instead, you'll need to find one in a dungeon chest or in a blacksmith's building in a village.

Once you have one, walk up to a pig and press "Saddle" to place it on your porky pal. And the "Mount" to get on. The problem is, this pig isn't going to walk off a cliff on its own.

So make a fishing rod from sticks and string. And then make a Carrot on a Stick from the rod and a carrot. Now, when holding this out the pig will move where you tell it to.

So jump on and lead the pig off a cliff so it falls down and hurts itself. This game is weird.

Have a Shearful Day - 15G
Use shears to obtain wool from a sheep


Use two iron ingots to craft some shears. Then use them on a sheep to take its wool.

Rainbow Collection - 30G
Gather all 16 colours of wool


That wool can be combined with various dyes in your crafting menu to make coloured wool. To get a list of all the dyes in the game, visit our page on the subject.

Tie Dye Outfit - 15G
Use a cauldron to dye all 4 unique pieces of leather armour


Make a cauldron from seven iron ingots. Then plop it down and use a bucket (three ingots) full of water on the cauldron to fill it up. Then use one of the dyes listed above on the water.

Next, kill a whole bunch of cows to get a whole bunch of leather. And then use a crafting table to turn those pelts into a leather cap (5 leather), tunic (8 leather), pants (7 leather), and boots (4 leather).

Finally, dip each one into your dyed water to get a whole set of fabulous coloured clothing.

Repopulation - 15G
Breed two cows with wheat


First, get some wheat. Craft a hoe, and use it to hit long grass. Sometimes you'll get seeds. Then, use the hoe on a normal grass tile to turn it into farmland, and use the seeds to plant them.

After some time, the seeds will grow into wheat. Hit it with the hoe to collect it.

Then feed the wheat to an adult cow to make it enter love mode. Do the same with another cow in close proximity and they will breed. You may wish to put the two cows in a fenced off pen to stop them running away.

Pot Planter - 15G
Craft and place a flower pot

Flower Pot

Flower pots are a bit of a pain to make as you'll need bricks which are hard to make. To get them, you need a lot of clay, which is pretty much exclusive to the Mesa Biome.

Once you have some, you can turn them into bricks using a furnace. Then, craft a flower pot out of the bricks.

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Mark Brown
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