Minecraft Pocket Edition - How to get every achievement (Chef Guide)

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Minecraft Pocket Edition - How to get every achievement (Chef Guide)
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The latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition adds an awesome new feature to the mix: Xbox Live achievements.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to unlock them all. But first, some caveats.

You must be signed in to Xbox Live to earn achievements. You must be in survival mode, and you can’t use a world that has swapped from creative to survival mode.

You can, however, use a custom seed to start your game.

Okay, sorted? Let’s begin.

Artificial Selection - 30G
Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey


First things first, you need to tame a horse. See our farmer achievements page for information on that. Then, do the same with a donkey.

To make sure the animals don't run away, perhaps lead to them a spot (using food to tempt them, or a leash to lead) and then put them in a fenced off area.

Then, make two golden apples, or golden carrots (or one of each). A golden apple is crafted from an apple and 9 gold ingots. A golden carrot is crafted from a carrot and 9 golden nuggets.

Finally, feed golden food to both the horse and the donkey. They will then do the hokey pokey and pop out a mule. Achievement unlocked!

The Lie - 30G
Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs


Craft a hoe, and use it to hit long grass. Sometimes you'll get seeds. Then, use the hoe on a normal grass tile to turn it into farmland, and use the seeds to plant them.

After some time, the seeds will grow into wheat. Hit it with the hoe to collect it. One ingredient down.

Sugar can be crafted from sugar canes. To get milk, use a bucket (two iron ingots) on a cow. And chickens lay eggs every few minutes. Once you have them all, use a crafting table to make the cake.

Bake Bread - 15G
Turn wheat into bread


Remember that wheat we made earlier? If you have three of them, you can craft bread at a crafting table.

Taste of Your Own Medicine - 20G
Poison a witch with a splash potion


First things first, you're going to need to make a brewing stand. This requires a trip to The Nether so you can get a Blaze Rod. Combine this with some cobblestone to make the stand.

Make sure you pick up a Nether Wart while you're in The Nether.

Next, make a bottle by putting stone in a furnace to make glass, and then crafting it into a bottle. Fill it up with water and then use it, and the Nether Water to make an Awkward Potion.

Then combine that potion with an ingredient listed here to make an actual, useful potion. Sugar is probably the easiest to get.

Then use the brewing stand to mix the potion with gunpowder (taken from a dead creeper - use a bow to kill it without getting all blown up) to make a throwable splash potion.

Now go find a swamp biome and a witch's hut. Find the witch and throw your potion at her face. If you miss… whoops.

Pork Chop - 10G
Cook and eat a pork chop

Pork Chop

Find a pig, and kill a pig to get a raw porkchop. Then use a furnace to cook it. Then eat it. To find out more about using furnaces and fuel, consult this page.

Iron Belly - 20G
Stop starvation using Rotten Flesh


Kill a zombie (they come out at night) to get some rotten flesh. Then, don't eat for ages until your hunger meter bottoms out. Finally, eat the rotten flesh to stop starving (but you'll have adverse effects from the gross meat).

Delicious Fish - 15G
Catch and cook a fish


We've got a whole page on fishing right here. But the jist of it is: make a fishing rod from sticks and string. Cast your lure into the water and wait for a bite. Then pull the fish in.

Finally, use a furnace to cook the fish. You can eat it if you want: it gives you a hunger boost.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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