Minecraft Pocket Edition cheat - infinite diamonds, max experience, easy brewing stand in survival (0.12 tutorial)

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Minecraft Pocket Edition cheat - infinite diamonds, max experience, easy brewing stand in survival (0.12 tutorial)
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Cheat Top Minecraft can be hard. Especially with the introduction of new enemy mobs and the ultra scary Nether environment in update 0.12.

Which is why you might want to give yourself a leg up, and start survival mode with diamond-studded weapons, enchanted tools, and a high level character. But how? Here's how:

Step 1 - Start a creative game Creative

Make a new world, and make sure it's in creative mode.


Open up the item list and find the blocks of precious minerals, like diamonds, emeralds, and iron. Place down as many as you like.

Brewing stand

Also, place down some of the more difficult to make tables like the brewing stand and enchantment table. This will save you having to source the materials for them yourself.


Finally, find the 'Bottle o' Enchanting' item in the item list.


Tap and hold on the floor to make the bottle smash over and over again, and experience points to flow into your character. You won't be able to see your level go up in creative mode but just trust me. It is.

Step 2 - Change to survival mode Survival

Quit to the main menu, and then find the world you just made in the world list. Hit the pencil button to open the edit screen and then flick the switch to change the world to survival mode.

Load the world.

Step 3 - Mine those blocks

Hey! You're in survival mode and stood in front of a massive number of precious minerals. Neat!


Quickly make a wooden pickaxe from trees. Then make a stone pickaxe from cobblestone. Break the iron blocks, and use the crafting table to turn each block into nine ingots. Make an iron pickaxe from the ingots.


Finally, using your iron pickaxe you can break down all the other blocks. Turn them back into jewels using the crafting table and you'll have an inventory full of awesome stuff.

Plus, you can use or pick up those tables from earlier. And you'll also notice that you have maximum experience points and are at level 19. Sweet!

Step 4 - Want more? Greedy

Getting greedy, and want even more? First, put all your inventory items in a chest otherwise you'll lose them. Then exit, change to creative, and plop down more blocks and tables. Change back to survival and open the chest to get your stuff back.


This cheat doesn't let you give yourself items like food, enchanted books, tools, and armour as you can't place items in creative.