Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 - How to make a boat

Poseidon, look at me now

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 - How to make a boat
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For centuries, Minecraft men have looked out over Minecraft oceans and wondered what was out there, beyond that wide, watery, Minecraft expanse.

Well, wonder no more. As of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.11, you can now craft yourself a boat and use it to travel across the ocean. Or down a stream. Or just round and round in circles in a tiny pond.

Here's how to go to sea.


Like most things in Minecraft, we start by punching trees. We need a fair amount of wood for this build, so just slug away at bark until you get a small handful of wood.


Our next job is to make planks. Lots of planks. 12 planks. Turn two in sticks, and four into a crafting table.


Plop down your crafting table in the world and tap on it to open the advanced crafting menu. First things first: make a shovel with two sticks and one plank. It's actually going to work as a paddle.


Finally, make a boat using your last five planks and that shovel.


Place the boat in water, and hit the 'Board' button to hop in. Now, you've got two arrow buttons on either side of the screen which control your left and right paddles.

You need to hit them alternately to go forward, or just one to turn. It takes some getting used to, but eventually you'll be bombing down the rivers of Minecraft.

You can also use items, like the fishing rod, from inside the boat.


The boat has two seats, which means you can transfer animals across water. It's a little tricky - use that animal's favourite food to lure it to the boat and just sort of ram into it to get the critter in your boat.

Now, ride off into the sunset with your pig. Doesn't everyone love a happy ending?

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer