Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 - How to go fishing

Finding Nemo (so you can eat him)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11 - How to go fishing
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If you want to restore health in Minecraft Pocket Edition, your options are basically limited to eating livestock and eating crops. Well, no more.

In version 0.11, you can now go fishing in any body of water and catch fish that you can eat. Yummy! All you need is a fishing rod and some patience. Check it out:


The first thing we must do is build a fishing rod. The crafting recipe calls for three sticks and two pieces of string. And you'll also need a crafting table.

Sticks are easy: just punch trees to get wood. Then open the crafting menu and create four planks. Finally, use two of those planks to make four sticks.


String is a little harder. You can get it from cobwebs in mineshafts, but the easiest place to find string is by killing spiders.

You can find them underground, but they come out onto the surface at night, so wait until it's dark (or until morning), kill a spider, and pluck the string from it dead body.


You also need a crafting table, which is made from four planks. Once you have it, plop it down in the world and tap on it to open the advanced crafting menu


Pick fishing rod from the crafting list, and hit the craft button to make it. It will be added to your inventory. Now equip it, and let's find some water.


When you find a big body of water (the ocean is a good bet), get up close and hit the 'Fish' button to lob your lure in. Next step: wait.


After a while, you should see some bubbles swim towards the lure. When they touch your bob, you'll hear a splash sound - at this point, hit the 'Fish' button again to reel in your lure and - hopefully! - your catch.

You can catch a raw fish, a raw salmon, a Nemo-like clownfish, or a pufferfish. Yay! Fish! You can of course cook the fish in a furnace, too.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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