How to enter The Nether in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.12 tutorial)

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How to enter The Nether in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.12 tutorial)
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In Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.12, mobile players can finally visit The Nether: a fiery hellscape of lava that contains handy items like Soul Sand, Blaze Rods, and Nether Warts.

So how do you go there? Read on.

Step 1 - Get some Obsidian

To make a Nether portal you will need at least 10 blocks of Obsidian, which is a rare and difficult to mine block.


You might be able to find some in the treasure chests that can be found inside the blacksmith's at a village. But it will be tough to source ten blocks through this method.


Your best bet is to make some, by using water and lava. Above ground, first make a bucket (using three iron ingots, which comes from smelting iron ore). Then fill it up with water by equipping the bucket and tapping on a body of water.

Lava source

Then explore the underground until you find a pool of lava. You're looking for lava "source", which can easily be identified as the lava doesn't have a fast-flowing animation. It will look still.


Empty your water bucket on a block above the lava source, so the water flows down and lands on the lava. Then, scoop up the water block at the location where you dropped it. This will make the water disappear.

In its place: obsidian! Remember that you will need a diamond pick axe to mine obsidian blocks - no other type of tool will work.

Step 2 - Make the portal Portal

A Nether portal has two blocks of obsidian at the bottom, two at the top, and three on the left and right. You can use whatever block you like for the corners (and destroy them afterwards if you like).

Step 3 - Light it up Light

Finally, you'll need some Flint and Steel, which can be made from one iron ingot (smelted iron ore) and one flint.

This handy tool lets you make fires, but when used inside the obsidian portal we made above, it will instead create a purple haze which creates a wormhole to the Nether.

Step 4 - Step on through Nether

Don't be scared, now! Just jump through the portal. There's some scary stuff inside, like enemies with powerful weapons, so remember where your portal is and make a quick dash back when you have all the stuff you want.


What should you actually be looking for? A Nether Fortress is a good start: inside you'll find Nether Warts which are used for brewing potions. And the deadly Blaze, which drops a Blaze Rod: another vital ingredient in brewing.

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