How to build an enchantment table, and enchant items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.12 tutorial)

Diamonds! Lapis Lazuli! Obsidian!

How to build an enchantment table, and enchant items in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.12 tutorial)
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One of the coolest new features in Minecraft PE 0.12 is the ability to enchant items. This lets you make tools and weapons more powerful and durable, or imbued with special abilities.

But it's not easy task: making an enchantment table is hard and requires some incredibly rare items like obsidian and diamonds.

So, you better follow this tutorial closely if you want to enchant your own stuff.

Step 1 - Make a book Book

One of the items you need when making an enchanting table is a book. First, find some sugar cane (often next to a body of water) and use a crafting table to turn it into paper.


Find and kill a cow (sorry, buddy) to get some leather.


Now combine the leather and paper to make a book.

Step 2 - Get 5 diamonds Diamonds

We'll need 5 diamonds for this tutorial. Which is a bit rough, seeing as these are one of the rarest items in the game. But oh well! Before you start, make sure you have an iron pickaxe: you can't mine diamond ore with crappy tools.


When you finally find some diamonds (they're deep down in the ground), use three to make a diamond pickaxe. Save the other two for later.

Step 3 - Get obsidian Bucket

Okay, last thing we need is obsidian. This is a little tricky to get, but thankfully very common. First things first: craft a bucket out of iron ingots. Then use the bucket on a body of water to fill the bucket.


Explore the underground until you find lava "source", which can easily be identified as the lava doesn't have a fast-flowing animation. Tip the water on a block above the lava and the water will flow onto it, and cool it.


Pick the water back up with the bucket, and you'll see that the lava has turned to obsidian. Mine at least four blocks with the diamond pick axe and then get back to your house.

Step 4 - Make the table Enchanting

Use a crafting table and make your enchantment table.

Table down

Put it somewhere sensible, and then head back off on an adventure.

Step 5 - Get ingredients Lapis

Enchanting items requires two items. One is Lapis Lazuli, which can be mined from these blocks that feature dark blue speckles. You'll only need one of these to get started, but the more the merrier.

You'll also need experience levels. This comes from mining ore, killing mobs, breeding animals, fishing, using a furnace, and other tasks. You'll see little green orbs appear - those are experience points - and when the green bar is full you'll go up a level.

Step 6 - Enchant something! Enchant

Open the table, place an item in the top slot and some Lapis in the bottom. You'll be given three choices. And here's what they do, courtesy of the MCPE Wikia.

Name Effect
Sharpness/Power Extra damage
Bane of Athropods Extra damage against Spiders & Silverfish
Smite Extra damage against Undead Mobs, such as Zombies and Skeletons
Fire Aspect / Flame Sets Mobs on Fire
Knockback/Punch Knocks Mobs back
Looting Extra & Rarer drops
Unbreaking Increased durability
Infinit yBow only- Infinite arrows

Name Effect
Silk Touch Allows collection of Unobtainable blocks
Fortune Multiplies drops
Efficienc yFaster Mining
Unbreaking Increased Durability
Lure Fishing rod only- attracts fish faster
Luck of the sea Fishing rod only- allows catching of treasure more easily

Name Effect
Protection Reduces most damage
Blast Protection Reduces Explosion Damage
Fire Protection Reduces Fire Damage
Projectile Protection Reduces arrow Damage
Thorns Attackers take damage
Feather Falling Reduces fall damage
Respiration Increased Underwater Breathing Time
Aqua Affinit yFaster Underwater Mining
Depth Strider Increases movement Speed in Water
Unbreaking Increases durability

Step 7 - You can also enchant books

Into book

Place a book on the enchanting table and you can put the special power into that tome for later.


To combine an enchanted book with an item you'll need to make an anvil which can be crafted from three iron blocks and four iron ingots (that's right, 31 ingots total!).

Anvil use

Then, simply combine the book and item on the anvil. You can even give it a new name. Like Slashy McSword Face and Axe McGee.