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Where and how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18?

Where and how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18?

Minecraft is a hugely popular game, available on almost every platform out there. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s an open-world game with survival, crafting and building elements. Some players go through the entire game looking to build, while others go through the game looking to find and craft with various materials. One of the most popular, and best materials in the game are diamonds, so many might be wondering where and how to find diamonds in Minecraft!

Diamonds are a very useful material. If you use diamonds to create a tool, it will last longer. You will also need diamond pickaxes to pick up obsidian; otherwise, you cannot gather obsidian rock, which is needed to build a nether portal and make your way to another world within the game. Diamond armour, much like diamond tools, is also more durable, giving you more time to use the armour, while also being more protective for you, when you take on mobs. If you are going to enchant your armour or tools, it makes sense to hold out for diamond versions, so that you can get the most life out of your enchantments. You can also use diamonds for creating potions!

But, we still don’t know where or how to find diamonds in Minecraft, so let’s dive into that

Mining is the most popular way to find diamonds! Firstly, you will need to mine and smelt some iron, then create an iron pickaxe. If you use a cobblestone or wood pickaxe, you will just destroy the diamond ore without actually getting a diamond. You can also use a gold or netherite pickaxe if you want, but if you are just starting out, cobblestone is the easiest way to go. Then, you will need to start digging! Though diamonds can spawn on any layer, there are different layers where you will have a better chance of finding them. This is at layer 15.

Layers in Minecraft are like altitude. You can open the debug menu in your game to see your coordinates, which will tell you what layer you are currently at, using the XYZ Statistic. The Y value needs to be 15 or lower in order for you to find diamonds more commonly, so you should aim for there. Once you get to layer 15, you will want to keep digging, as the deeper you go the more common diamonds will be. They are still quite rare, so it might take more time, but you will have better luck this far below! It’s worth remembering when you see one diamond ore, there is often more by it; and rarely just one diamond ore on its own, so do ensure you get all of it!

Here is a small chart explaining where to find each material:

  • Diamonds - Y -58, 2 by 1 strip mining
  • Emerald - mountains
  • Gold - Y -16
  • Iron - Y 16
  • Lapis - Y 0
  • Copper - Y 48
  • Coal - Y 136

When digging for diamonds, you should never dig straight down, and instead dig staircases, that way you do not fall into lava or a massive hole in the ground. If you do find a ravine, you should explore it, as sometimes there can be diamonds visible on the walls.

While digging, it’s good to place down torches so that monsters do not spawn on your staircase, and be prepared to fight off any monsters that do appear in open areas that you dig too, if you are in survival mode. You can often hear them coming if you have sound on!

If mining is not your thing, there are other ways to find diamonds in Minecraft

There is also a small chance that you can find diamonds in villager treasure chests! This requires you to search the world, find a village, and then start looting the houses. Some houses will have chests in them, which you can look into in order to find out what’s inside, and hopefully, you will find a diamond.

You can also find diamonds in buried treasure chests, often underground in beach areas. These chests can be better located using explorer maps, which are found in wrecked ships underwater, and spawn randomly in a world.

Now you know how to find the diamonds in Minecraft! Do you know what would certainly cheer you up? Looking at the most beautiful Minecraft houses ever made, or getting ideas for Minecraft castles!