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Best Minecraft PE addons and how to install them

Best Minecraft PE addons and how to install them

Here are the top 5 addons for Minecraft PE that are free to try

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To give you a new experience while playing Minecraft PE we have created a list of the best addons, all of which are free to try. Along with the list, we will also provide the steps required to import them into your game.

Playing the same packs for a long time can get boring. Minecraft is ever-evolving in terms of content and modifications of its features thanks to addons, which are simply tweaks or mods in the Minecraft environment.

What are Minecraft Pocket Edition addons?

Minecraft PE addons are the files that are modified versions of the original code. The addons let you change the Minecraft environment to something entirely different. It gives you access to things that were previously restricted. So, addons are used to make the game feel more exciting and fresh.

How to install addons in Minecraft PE?

There are various methods for importing these data files onto your game. But, we have found the easiest and shortest way to add the files. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Download the Minecraft PE addons using their respective link
  • Head to the App Store and search for addons for Minecraft PE
  • Install the app and wait for the installation to complete
  • Once the process is complete, launch the app and wait for it to detect the data files
  • After successfully scanning, press one of the addons and select the option, copy to Minecraft
  • That’s it, the addon has been successfully added to Minecraft Pocket Edition
Now head to Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Launch the app and tap on "Create a new world"
  • The Minecraft PE addons which you have added earlier will be appearing in the drop-down menu
  • Tap on the desired addon in order to start playing
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Mob Towers

Mob Towers

(Image via:

If you would love to add towers all around the place in Minecraft, then make sure you try out the unique addon, Mob Towers. This Minecraft PE addon features up to eight towers that essentially acts as eight different types of dungeon..

Each tower has multiple floors and the top one is occupied by a mini-boss, who will yield plenty of in-game rewards once you've defeated them. The towers also act as a spawn point. Before heading into the tower, you can see which type it is by looking at the rewards that are up for grabs.

Download Mob Towers Addon

Mega Mech

Best Minecraft PE addons Mega Mech

(Image via:

What would you do if you could control a humongous robot that could run over anything without getting a scratch? The Mega Mech addon will let you do that as it allows you to summon a mecha robot that is inspired by the movie Pacific Rim.

In order to summon it, you will have to gather four iron blocks and a pumpkin. After collecting these items, place them over the three blocks and there you go, the gigantic robot will spawn and you can take control of it.

Download Mega Mech addon

Lucky Blox

Minecraft PE Lucky Blox

(Image via:

Do you enjoy the thrill of the unknown when hitting a box adorned with a giant question mark? Then you might want to check out the Lucky Blox addon where you get to unbox strange crates with the hope of finding gold coins and confectioneries.

But, if you’re unlucky, you might run into a block of lava or a dangerous boss who will promptly chase after you.

Download Lucky Blox Addon

Mutant Creatures

(Image via:

Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to play with creepy mutants crawling all over the place? Mutant Creatures is one of the best Minecraft PE addons you must try if you would like to tackle some mutants while on the search for an Easter Egg.

This addon has 16 mutant creatures and minions. Each mutant has a certain number of health points and some rewards attached to it. Make sure to slay them quickly before the entire mob launches an attack on you.

Download Mutant Creatures Addon

Villagers Come Alive

(Image via:

In Villagers Come Alive, you can attract villagers, regardless of gender by simply showing them a piece of cake. Yes, a piece of cake that makes villagers go crazy and chase you wherever you go.

Just by donating a slice of the cake, you can start an interaction with others who have followed you to get a bite. In addition, you can also hire and train a guard by exchanging gold ingots. These guards will protect you and the village from monsters.

Download Villagers Come Alive addon

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