How to install resource packs in Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPhone or iPad

Adding some texture

How to install resource packs in Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPhone or iPad

Want to make your Minecraft world look like a trippy psychedelic dreamland? Or an 8bit video game from the 80s? Or a demonic hellscape? Well, you can!

The game supports resource packs, which feature fan-made textures for every block in the game. The problem is, there's no easy way to add them into the game.

But it's not impossible! Follow our guide below to add new resource packs to the iOS edition of Pocket Edition in ten easy steps.

Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer, open up iTunes, and look for this button. Click on that to open up the page that lets you mess around with the stuff on your device.

From there, click on the Apps button.

Scroll down to find the "File Sharing" area. Here, you can transfer documents between your phone and your computer. Pick Minecraft from the list, highlight the "games" folder, and click "Save to...". Save the folder to somewhere on your computer, such as the desktop.

Open the "games" folder, open the "com.mojang" folder inside, and then make a new folder in there called "resource_packs". No capital letters, don't forget the underscore.

Download a resource pack. This one will work. Uncompress the zip file you downloaded and then take the folder and put it in the "resource_packs" folder.

Back in iTunes, press the delete key (or backspace key on Mac) while highlighting the games folder to delete it.

Then press "Add...", find the "games" folder on your computer, select it and press "Add". Wait for the progress bar at the top of iTunes to finish.

Make sure Minecraft is not running. If it is, double tap the home button, find the Minecraft panel, and swipe it up to force quit the app. Now load it up.

Hit "Options" and then find "Texture Packs" and hit "Manage". If you did everything right, the texture pack will show up in this menu. Tap it to move it from the left panel to the right. Make sure the texture pack you want is at the top of the list on the right.

Now start a new game or load an old world and ta-da, your resource pack has been installed!