EGX 2015: Mimics is all about looking at faces and saying which faces are the faces you're looking at

Making faces

EGX 2015: Mimics is all about looking at faces and saying which faces are the faces you're looking at
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I really like PG staff writer Glen Fox's face. It's full of youthful exuberance, hope, and a glimmer of sadness. Something deeper behind those twinkling, mischievous eyes. He's seen some things, and maybe if you're lucky he'll tell you about them.

The reason I'm babbling on about Glen's face is because Mimics is a two player mobile game about faces. And I was with Glen when I played it, thus it became about Glen's face. His dreamy, wistful face.

Mimics is a local multiplayer gurn-fest. You take it in turns to copy a ghoulish cartoon visage, contorting your face and letting the game take a photo of it.

The other player is supposed to look away from the screen while this is happening. If you don't you're a dirty cheat. I didn't cheat, and I'm sure lovely Glen didn't cheat either. Lovely, lovely Glen.

Once the photo has been taken the other player can look back and try and match the horrible, twisted human reflection with one of three images.

Get it right and everyone is happy. Get it wrong and everyone is probably still happy. This is a game for happy people. Happy people with faces. Sad people can play too, but they must - I repeat must - have faces.

We played for about three minutes, and I got to see Glen make two different faces. I got them both right, and he got the one I did right as well.

There's not much challenge here, but then not all games have to be about pinpoint timing and highscores and throwing an explosive canister in the air and then slowing down time and then shooting the canister.

If you can't play with Glen Fox, that's okay, other people's faces will work just as well. The only downside is that you won't get to see Glen's face as much as I did.

Mimics is quite good. You might play it at a party if you're the sort of person who plays mobile games at parties. I wonder if Glen is that sort of person. I wonder if Glen even goes to parties. Maybe I will invite him to a party.

Glen, would you like to come to a party with me? We can make faces like we did that day at EGX. Happy times.