Sega releases Miku Flick rhythm game outside of Japan

Finger flicking good

Sega releases Miku Flick rhythm game outside of Japan
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Good news for Hatsune Miku fans!

Sega has released the highly anticipated localisation of Miku Flick.

We reported on the game's Japanese release last month, and an English language version of the game was fast tracked by the developers after Vocaloid fans outside of Japan expressed enough interest.

Open for all

The new version plays exactly the same as the Japanese version, with a notable addition of Roman Support and Full Roman (fully westernised) keyboard options available during gameplay.

Miku Flick is perfectly playable in the original Japanese even by those with no working knowledge of the language, but in Roman Support it is possible for fans to learn the lyrics to their favourite Miku songs, karaoke style.

Get what you can

Sega released Miku Flick alongside the mid-March Miku Day concerts held in Japan.

While many Japanese players criticised the game for being too short for the price (1,200 yen or $15.00 for 13 songs), interest in the game from fans overseas remained strong.

This is partly due to the scarcity of Vocaloid content outside of Japan, and partly due to the unlikely prospect of Hatsune Miku & Future Stars: Project Mirai for the Nintendo 3DS ever making it overseas.

Miku Flick is out now, priced $13.99, €10.99 or £9.99.