Michael Vaughan Cricket hits mobile

...for six or for ten out of ten? You'll have to wait for our review

Michael Vaughan Cricket hits mobile

We're great fans here of playing mobile and handheld games in unusual places. But in reality, the chances of you actually playing a football game on your phone whilst (not) watching one in front of you is vanishingly small – it's a blink and you'll miss it sport.

Cricket, however, is a nap and you'll miss nothing much pursuit. Its five day long face-offs aren't named Tests for nothing, so there's every chance you could find more than a few dull moments for Michael Vaughan Cricket 06/07.

We certainly found much to admire in our review of last year's version of the game. Since then England have won the Ashes, which has only raised Vaughan's stock (and fee, no doubt).

Actually, while the name on the box is that of England's inspirational captain, Michael Vaughan Cricket offers eight national teams to choose from, as well as eight venues and over 100 players, each with detailed statistics claimed to be based on the world's top cricketers.

There are eight batting shots and 12 types of bowling delivery, as well as left and right-handed batsmen. Visually, an isometric camera displays the action in a pseudo-3D style, including your choice from seven field settings, apparently based on those set by Vaughan in the Ashes series. Run-outs have also been added to the mix – doubtless inspired by near-misses in the Ashes series too.

"I am delighted to be working with Player One on this new game," said Michael Vaughan, who must be easily pleased at Christmas. "They have thought of everything in making this the ultimate cricket game, and with me spending a fair amount of time at home over the next few months I can't wait to use the game to improve my technique!"

Michael Vaughan's Cricket 06/07 is out in July.