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Metria, Asobimo Inc's magical ARPG, is out now on Android and iOS

Metria, Asobimo Inc's magical ARPG, is out now on Android and iOS
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Asobimo Inc have finally released Metria, the studio’s 3D action RPG on Android and iOS after announcing it in September. It has been developed by the minds behind another popular title, Iruna Online and will be themed around hope and sin. The game takes place in a classic fantasy world with immersive animations and real-time battles to keep players engrossed.

Metria begins with the protagonist who wakes up one day, and finds himself in an unknown land. Things remain unclear but through several meetings and farewells, players will be able to understand the hidden mysteries of the land around them as they follow an intricate path laid out by destiny itself.

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The story progresses in the form of battles which take place in real-time and are fought in trios. Gameplay-wise, players will be able to use regular attacks, skills, and special moves by simply tapping different icons. Switching characters mid-attack is another possibility, which can lead to some fiery combos that will decimate the opposition.

Pre-registrations for Metria have been going on since its announcement and managed to hit all milestones, totalling over 200,000 registrants. Players will receive 6,000 Star Stones to roll the gacha for characters and tarots and the Book of Hermits for boosting levels among many other rewards.

If that wasn’t enough, everyone can also get their hands on four of the exclusive Tarots called Amidst Memory Blossoms and 3,700 Star Stones if they log into the game for a total of 14 days.

This is just the beginning for Metria. The developers plan to keep the gameplay fresh with regular updates. Check it out for yourself by downloading the game using your preferred link below. It is free-to-play with in-app purchases. You can also visit the official website for more information or follow their X page for all the latest updates.

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