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Metria - guide to Starstones, Star Crystals and more

Metria - guide to Starstones, Star Crystals and more
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In a post-Genshin Impact world, the concept of having a massive open-world RPG on mobile is no longer the stuff of pipe dreams and idle fantasy on message boards. And the latest to throw their hat into the ring is Asobimo’s METRIA.

We’ve been digging into this prime example of a JRPG - which we mean as both a criticism and a compliment - on mobile, and it offers a great selection of combat, story and more. If you’re amenable to slightly flowery dialogue and animesque tropes, you’re sure to enjoy it, even if it’s perhaps not as open as something like Genshin Impact.

But, if you’re looking to dig into Metria, it’s always good to understand what you’re getting into money-wise. So to help with that, we’ve broken down the individual currencies in-game that you’ll be using for things such as gacha, purchasing items in-game and more.

Gold (Lunas)

If you’ve read one of our other currency guides, or really played any other mobile RPG, then you’ll be familiar with this. Gold - or Lunas as they're called in-game - is your basic in-game currency spent at stores and merchants across the game world - it’s used for purchasing anything you’d need in another game and can be acquired through completing quests, daily log-ins and slaying enemies.

Star Crystals

Star Crystals in Metria

This is a purplish-blue gem that you’ll see at the top of your screen in the shop. Star Crystals are spent on rolling gacha, purchasing premium items and more. These are acquired through quests and other achievements as well, but are also available through the game’s microtransaction shop. They’re relatively rare and mainly used for guaranteed SSR roll gachas.

Star Stones

Metria Star Stones

A blue crystal that, strangely enough, sits further along than Star Crystals. Don’t let this fool you as Star Stones are by far more common than Star Crystals. You’ll, again, acquire these through succeeding in quests and milestones, as well as through daily log-ins. These are used mainly to roll cheaper gacha without guaranteed high-tier characters.

Star Shards, Pieces of Fate & tickets

These are moderately more advanced currencies that you’ll acquire throughout your adventure, although not nearly as common as Star Stones or even Star Crystals. These are used in the exchange centre in the Metria Shop in order to acquire items like resources (maple wood, magic stone etc.) and EXP books. Tickets are seemingly not yet enabled in-game and cannot be purchased in the shop.

  Gacha shop in Metria game

Hopefully, this overview means you’ll have gotten to grips with Metria and what it offers in terms of in-game currencies, helping you to avoid spending money where you don’t need to. And remember to check for your daily log-in rewards! Currently, Metria appears to operate in Japanese time, so if you check in after midnight JST you may be able to claim your daily log-in early! Be sure to keep an eye out as we’ll be covering Metria in detail over the coming days.

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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