Metria reveals more about the cast in latest character trailer

Metria reveals more about the cast in latest character trailer
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A few weeks ago, Asobimo Inc announced Metria, the studio’s upcoming 3D ARPG. As pre-registrations continue, the developers have revealed more information about the game in the form of a new character trailer. It highlights the skill actions of the three main characters in the game.

First up is Rio Calquinos, a young man whose dream was to become the fabled Astra Knight. He inherits the power of the legendary heroes but is unfortunately driven out of the royal capital due to an enemy invasion. Now led by a bizarre destiny, Rio and his buddies set out on a journey to restore order.

Rio is accompanied by a mysterious companion Aru, who is a demi-human. We don’t know why she follows Rio on his journey, but she just does. Aru gets into fights with others quite easily because of her big ego. She doesn’t talk too much because she’s probably hiding a big secret. Will we ever find out?

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Finally, the Knight of the Blue Spear joins the party. He is a budding Astra Knight and is Rio’s childhood best friend. His serious and level-headed nature balances out the entire squad. He’s like a pillar for the others to depend on.

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Metria has been raking in quite a few pre-registrants, with the number already over 100,000 in just three weeks. As a result, players will be rewarded with 6,000 Star Stones. They can be used to roll gacha for characters and tarots.

On top of that, everyone will also earn 10,000 Lunas and a Book of Hermits. Finally, if the game hits the 200K milestone, players will be granted the Exclusive Tarot Amidst Memory Blossoms for free.

If you haven’t already, pre-register for Metria on the App Store and Google Play by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website for more information.

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