Metawar: Hero Rush is an upcoming idle RPG that is now available for pre-registration on Android

Metawar: Hero Rush is an upcoming idle RPG that is now available for pre-registration on Android
| Metawar: Hero Rush

Metawar: Hero Rush is a brand new title that promises you an entertaining experience regardless of how much free time you have. Fights will take place automatically even when you are offline. You will also gain experience and rewards when you log in to ensure that you won't lag behind others.

Metawar: Hero Rush has been developed by TOJOY GAME LIMITED, which has produced the popular RPG Summon Princess: Anime AFK SRPG.

Game features

Metawar: Hero Rush will allow you to join guilds, grow with other players, enjoy the welfare, and participate in guild battles for glory. It has more than 100 heroes with unique skills from six different camps. Well-crafted strategies are necessary alongside other important factors like hero combination, station, and camp halo.

A cross-server Global league is also available, where you will be involved in real-time PvP battles. Various other options like a ranked battle, 3v3, team competition, and guild battles are available with rich rewards up for grabs.

The presence of a unique sealed Book system is another fine feature, where you will have to use heroes and strategies to explore. Every decision will be important for seeing how far you can go. There are also many ways for heroes to become more powerful, with several options like upgrading, advancing, giving them stronger equipment, and unlocking powerful talents.

Metawar: Hero Rush is now available for pre-registration

Metawar: Hero Rush is currently only available to pre-register for Android users through Google Play. At the time of writing, there are no reports regarding the official launch and the iOS release. However, don't worry, we will update you as and when more news arrives.

Final Words

If you enjoy battle games and social features, Metawar: Hero Rush appears to be a good option. It offers huge, diverse options in terms of battle heroes, game modes, and character customization.

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