[Update] Classic run-and-gun sequel Metal Slug 2 rolls onto iOS and Android

Tanks for the memories (Updated: Now out on Android)

[Update] Classic run-and-gun sequel Metal Slug 2 rolls onto iOS and Android
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Updated on February 7th, at 13:55: SNK Playmore's Metal Slug 2 is now available to download for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

You can grab it from Google Play for £2.49 / $3.99.

General Morden is primed to take over iOS devices yet again tonight, thanks to the impending release of Metal Slug 2.

With Metal Slug and Metal Slug 3 already available on iOS, SNK Playmore's latest Neo Geo port is actually the third Metal Slug game to hit the App Store.

Metal Slug 2 picks up from where the first game left off, so you'll be re-assuming control of Peregrine Falcon Squad members Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving.

Together, they must blow up a seemingly endless onslaught of enemy forces, as they struggle to prevent General Morden from crushing the world beneath the cold steel tread of a massive tank.

If giant armoured death machines weren't enough of a worry, though, Metal Slug 2's military antagonist has decided to hedge his bets by teaming up with a group of hacked-off Martians.

This means you'll find yourself alternating between mercilessly blasting human soldiers and unloading your Laser Shot in E.T.'s face.

You will also gain access to a brand-new range of tank-like Slugs, including the two-legged Slugnoid and airborne Slug Flyer.

Brothers (and sisters) in arms

For those tired of Marco and Tara, Metal Slug 2 includes two new playable supersoldiers: Eri and Fio.

You can even buddy up over Bluetooth and indulge in a little co-operative multiplayer, if that's your bag.

You will be able to download Metal Slug 2 on iPhone and iPad for £2.49 / $3.99 from midnight this evening.

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