Metal Slug 1 blasts onto the App Store

Metal Slug 3 on sale

Metal Slug 1 blasts onto the App Store
| Metal Slug 1

What comes after Metal Slug 3? Nope. Wrong. The correct answer is: Metal Slug 1.

That's if you're an iOS gamer, anyway. SNK Playmore has just launched a conversion of the very first Metal Slug onto the App Store.

As we suggested in the intro, that means it follows Metal Slug 3 onto Apple devices, which is a slightly odd way of doing things.

Metal Slug 1 is a pixel-perfect conversion of the original Neo Geo blaster. It was the game that started it all off - manic side-scrolling shooter action, short-but-sweet rampages in chunky tanks, a rock-hard difficulty level, and those lovely super-detailed graphics.

While all this is present and correct, Metal Slug 1 on iOS also includes a Mission Mode, which allows you to select which stage you want to play.

There's also a cooperative multiplayer mode using Bluetooth.

Metal Slug 1 is available now for a launch price of £1.49 / $1.99.

If you fancy something a little more current, though, Metal Slug 3 is currently on sale for the same price. It's usually £4.99, so it represents a bit of a bargain.

So, if you're after a classic slice of arcade blasting action in the lead up to Christmas, well, have two for less than £3. You won't regret it.