Metal Revolution publisher YOOZOO has unveiled more details about the upcoming cyberpunk fighting game

Metal Revolution publisher YOOZOO has unveiled more details about the upcoming cyberpunk fighting game

YOOZOO and NexT Studios have unveiled a host of details about their upcoming cyberpunk fighting game, Metal Revolution. The new information covered various facets of the game, including the story, fighters, and an update on the ongoing final beta test.

The story takes place after 500 years of environmental deterioration that left the world filled with radiation. However, humanity managed to adapt. A material stronger than steel, known as M metal, was discovered and offered immunity to the ever-present radiation. So, humans opted to merge their bodies with it, gaining superpowers and warping their appearance for their troubles.

Though that all sounds peachy, there were negative side effects to M metal. It caused young people to become increasingly violent. To give them somewhere to focus this inner rage, the Metal Showdown was created. It pits fighters against one another in a tournament until a champion is crowned.

There are 14 different fighters to choose from in Metal Revolution, each with distinct abilities and attributes. YOOZOO and NexT studios have unveiled details about six of the Core Metal Revolution fighters. They are:

  • Jamal Ritter – Ritter is a naturally gifted boxer who has long lived in the shadow of his father, a previous winner of the Metal Showdown.
  • Inari – Inari is a former shrine maiden who embarked on a journey of revenge against crime boss Miyamoto Ren, who was responsible for the assassination of her family
  • Miyamoto Ren – Speaking of the crime boss, he's a playable character too. He is a ruthless individual who is currently in search of those who previously betrayed him
  • Ted Graham – Ted was a former Mecha Football League star who was sadly banned from the team after a severe losing streak saw him banned from the sport. So, he sought fame in the fighting realm instead
  • Mike Lee – This martial artist is a fan-favourite who enjoy watching fighting technique that incorporates elements of street dancing
  • Mikhail – Previously a double agent for a now non-existent country, Mikhail is a member of a transcontinental intelligence agency called Black Gold who have promised to give him information about his missing family

As for the development of Metal Revolution, the current – and final – beta test will finish on August 16th. 12,000 keys are currently up for grabs, and players can head over to the Gtarcade website to register their interest in receiving one.

Metal Revolution is available to pre-order now over on Google Play, whilst Apple users can head to the game's official website. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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