Metal Revolution closed beta 2.0 announced: Here is how you can take part

Gear up for another beta of Metal Revolution

Metal Revolution closed beta 2.0 announced: Here is how you can take part
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The regional test has been pushed back to August 3, and the Limited test has been pushed back to August 7.

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Last month, Metal Revolution's first beta was launched. In it players were given the opportunity to test this action game. The developer has now announced it's Metal Revolution closed beta 2.0, and in this post, we will share with you guys how you can get your hands on the beta version of the game.

Metal Revolution is an arcade mech fighting game developed by NExT studios where players are in total control over the fighters just as they would on a PC or Console, allowing them to make the best use of their skills. Like in other fighting games, the game offers 14 different fighters to choose from, while more are promised to be added in future updates. The game comes loaded with regular old 1v1 and 2v2 online options, while more new modes such as a challenge mode, a training mode, and PvE modes are also present.

Metal Revolution closed beta 2.0 announced

The developers took onto the game's social media channels, and shared details about the upcoming Metal Revolution closed beta. The beta will be divided into two parts - a regional test and a limited test.
  • The regional test: It will start on July 26th and will be available in selected regions only. All the players residing in the selected countries and pre-register for the game on Google Playstore will get access to the game. The regions for the beta have not been announced yet. Stay tuned with us, and we will let us know as and when more official information arrives.
  • The limited test: It will start on July 31st and will not be region bound, but the beta will only be available to a selected number of players who get the access keys from the developers. Again, not much information has been revealed on how many players will get access and how to get the beta access keys. But last time, 7000 players were given access, and the selection was based on the submission of google forms.

Metal Revolution release date

While the developers have given no exact date for the launch of Metal Revolution, but they have promised to release the game globally in the second half of 2021.

The developers have also confirmed that the game will be launched in selected regions first, such as South America, Canada, Romania, Mexico, Turkey, and Poland, and then gradually expand to more countries.

Metal Revolution is now up for Pre-register on Google Playstore. iOS users can pre-register for the game on the official website of the game. All the players who pre-register for the game will get an early bird pack, including in-game gems, items, and an exclusive Reigning Champ hero skin.

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