MetalAngel shoot-'em-up blasts onto iPhone

But it's anyone's guess what's in it

MetalAngel shoot-'em-up blasts onto iPhone
| Metal Angel

It's fair to say today's a slow one for iPhone games, with precious few new releases to write about on the App Store, while the top-selling paid application is a virtual Koi fishpond.

No, really.

But if you like your vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-ups, we might have something for you. It's called MetalAngel, and it's the work of developer JadeGame.

However, other than a couple of screenshots and a line promising "many options and high def graphics", both MetalAngel's App Store page and the developer's website say nothing more about it.

So, if this genre's your thing, you'll just have to take a £2.39 punt on the game and hope it's to your liking. There aren't a huge number of shoot-'em-ups on the App Store, so it should find an audience.

Up for it? Click here to buy the game.