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The launch of Meta World: My City Introduces MARBLEX Union Tokenomics and brings massive benefits to your favorite Netmarble games

The launch of Meta World: My City Introduces MARBLEX Union Tokenomics and brings massive benefits to your favorite Netmarble games
| Meta World: My City

Meta World: My City, the new metaverse board game published by MARBLEX Inc and Netmarble Corp, has just launched for iOS, Android, and PC worldwide, uniting millions of players across the globe in the pursuit of having virtual real estate to climb the leaderboards and become the most successful virtual property holder within the metaverse.

As the sequel to the popular Let’s Get Rich, Meta World: My City employs similar board game mechanics to its predecessor, where players use dice and skill cards to jump to prime locations on the board where you can build landmarks and destroy the property of opposing players. Meta World: My City adds a unique feature which not only changes the playing experience of the game, but also holds the potential to improve the playing experience of many other titles as well: the MARBLEX token system.

MARBLEX and Union Tokenomics

By incorporating its “Union Tokenomics” model, MARBLEX aims to provide a system through Meta World: My City that not only affords players the opportunity to have assets within the game, but also unites all games within the MARBLEX’s MBX ecosystem into one single, interconnected community. In a nutshell, this means that the tokens obtained by playing games in this ecosystem can be freely shared between them. So for instance, Inetrium (ITU), an in-game token obtained playing Meta World: My City can be utilized in A3: Still Alive.

Even more promising is that the Union Tokenomics model lays the foundation for building a solid economy by expanding on the versatility of MARBLEX’s “Bridge Token” called MBXL. Currently, this special token allows for the exchange of separate token models, which couldn’t ordinarily be exchanged, by first trading the game token for MBXL, and then subsequently exchanging MBXL for MARBLEX’s public token, MBX. The MBX token can then be exchanged back, via the MBXL bridge token, for your preferred game token.

Under Union Tokenomics, MBXL will not only be expanded in usage, but will also be adapted so that each game token can be used across multiple games. For example, the Inetrium (ITU) token, which was previously only available in A3: Still Alive, will be obtainable in Meta World: My City in exchange for ‘Meta Cash’ (an in-game token available to those that have in-game virtual real estate). This essentially opens up another means of having Inetrium - one that guards against its inflation by only circulating an amount of Meta Cash each month - and allows your enjoyment of one game to benefit the other.

So what’s in it for the player?

Essentially, players will be able to freely utilize and exchange tokens for a diverse range of titles and token models. Currently, these include: A3: Still Alive, (Inetrium), Ni no Kuni: Cross worlds (Asterite & Territe), King of Fighters Arena (Fighters Club Token), and, of course, Meta World: My City (Inetrium). As a further dividend, the increased utility of the game tokens within the Union Tokenomics model will help preserve the value of each asset. So in essence, once you get tired of one game in the ecosystem, you can move on to a different title whilst preserving the assets you obtained playing the previous game, and have the freedom to go back and forth between them as you please.

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All in all, besides being an enjoyable and competitive casual game, there are even more benefits to playing Meta World: My City than you might expect thanks to MARBLEX’s ingenuity.

You can find Meta World: My City available to download and play for free right now from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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