Melvor Idle will release the Into the Abyss DLC expansion next month

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Melvor Idle will release the Into the Abyss DLC expansion next month
  • New DLC expansion with brand new storyline
  • Two new Combat Challenges to try
  • Will release on June 13th

The mind behind RuneScape, Jagex, has just announced a brand new DLC expansion for the idle adventure titled Melvor Idle. Titled Into the Abyss, this new DLC goes live next month on PC, iOS, and Android. The expansion further builds on the in-game lore with a new story chapter as well as several more Combat Challenges to test your skills.

In the Into the Abyss DLC of Melvor Idle, you'll confront the formidable antagonist, Xon, the Abyssal King. The expansion is designed with end-game players in mind, continuing the narrative after the defeat of Bane. The aftermath of Bane's fall has triggered unexpected calamities, giving rise to an ominous new threat.

Xon clutches this chaotic moment to bridge his Abyssal Realm with the overworld, leading his massive armies in a bid for conquest. You'll find yourself at the forefront of this epic battle, tasked with halting Xon's dark ambitions before they come to fruition.

Meanwhile, you can also prepare for two new Combat Challenges. First, immerse yourself into The Abyss, a sprawling, labyrinthine dungeon filled with progressively difficult encounters against Xon’s forces. Then, participate in the Strongholds, where you'll battle against waves of monsters to recover regions invaded by the enemy.

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In addition, the DLC introduces a novel skill tree system that is perfect for tailoring gameplay according to your preferred playstyle. Bonuses are branched into diverse sections, and you can pick what suits you best.

Furthermore, the Abyssal Levels open up more content within each skill to allow you to explore even more intricately. And if that wasn’t enough, you can take advantage of the Harvesting and Corruption Abyssal Skills that will aid you on your venture in this mysterious realm.

Melvor Idle’s Into the Abyss DLC expansion will release on June 13th. Download the game by clicking on your preferred link below.

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