Melvor Idle announces Expanded Edition offering everything released so far in one package

Melvor Idle announces Expanded Edition offering everything released so far in one package

Back in November 2021, Games by Malcs and Jagex released Melvor Idle for iOS and Android, an idle RPG which was inspired by RuneScape. This was followed by the Throne of the Herald DLC last October which brought new monsters and dungeons into the fray, alongside raising the level cap. Now, the developers have greenlit yet another massive expansion, which has just launched on Android, iOS, and Steam.

This one doesn’t exactly introduce any new content, but it merges everything that has been offered to players into one neat package. Say hello to Melvor Idle: Expanded Edition, which includes both the base Melvor Idle game and the Throne of the Herald expansion. It has been tailored especially for players who are RuneScape fans and have a penchant for idle games as well.

Melvor Idle takes players on a massive adventure as they try to master 25 skills which will be required when battling against the game's 200 plus monsters. While they must be fought using just a click or tap, each attribute is unique and offers something different. They also interact with one another, meaning levelling up one is most likely to prove advantageous for others.

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The Throne of the Herald expansion built on top of this foundation as players can now form and run their own settlement. Even the storyline expanded as more discoveries about the mystic forces surrounding Melvor were made, in addition to all the dark forces that continue to be hidden beyond the capital.

If you're interested in this idle RuneScape-ish world, then download Melvor Idle – Expanded Edition now by using one of your preferred links given below. The price varies marginally between regions, costing $13.93, £11.89, or €13.71. For more information, check out the official website and find all the latest updates and interact with the community on their Twitter handle.

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