Mega Man X DiVE’s global release is coming next month, and pre-registration is now open

Mega Man X DiVE’s global release is coming next month, and pre-registration is now open

Mega Man X DiVe is finally launching globally on August 16th following its success in select territories, and NebulaJoy is holding a pre-registration event to hype up its release. The mobile reinvention of the classic action shooting game brings the beloved IP to Android and iOS with X, Zero, and other franchise faves.

Players can now pre-register for Mega Man X DiVe ahead of its launch on Google Play and on the App Store, and as a special treat for Mega Man fans, the pre-reg event is coinciding with a giveaway on Twitter and on Facebook as well. Pre-registration milestone rewards await players when sign-ups reach 200,000 and above.

As for the social media giveaway, simply hit the Like button for the corresponding giveaway posts and leave a comment explaining who your favorite Mega Man character is. Depending on the number of Likes and Shares that the giveaway post gets by the end of the campaign period on July 20th, lucky winners can score awesome prizes. This includes everything from Buster Supply Boxes to Special Gift Boxes that contain lots of valuable in-game goodies once the game officially launches.

Mega Man X DiVe lets you dash, jump, and slash through foes in a fast-paced side-scrolling adventure but enhanced with automatic aiming and 360-degree shooting. The hit-or-miss system for gacha collectibles is pretty much standard fare, but what makes it unique is that the game also features a co-op system. This lets you complete levels with your besties, plus there’s a Versus mode too if you just want to bust a move. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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