Rockman X DiVE, the Taiwanese and Japanese variant of Mega Man X DiVE, will soon end service

Rockman X DiVE, the Taiwanese and Japanese variant of Mega Man X DiVE, will soon end service

Capcom has announced that it plans to soon end the service of its Japan and Taiwan-exclusive mobile action platformer Rockman X Dive in the coming months. Based on the classic Mega Man franchise, this mobile spin-off will have been in service for a little over 3 years after it was first released on March 24th 2020 but will begin dialling down updates ahead of the planned September 27th end-of-service date.

As I always tend to say within articles about games shutting down, this sort of news constantly disappoints at least someone out there. While I never personally played Rockman X Dive, it’s a safe bet that the game had a relatively decent fanbase given the subject matter it's based on as well as the fact it lasted for over three years, so it’s sure to make someone out there sad to see their favourite mobile game shutting down.

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And in line with other articles about titles that are due to end service, there’s also not much of a reason for why this one is occurring. The typical speculation can be had here, such as the game simply not making enough profit to keep it above the cost it would take to continue supporting it or that there are other games out there in the same vein that are simply more successful. Regardless, it’s still quite a bummer.

But it’s not all bad news, as Rockman X Dive is a bit of a unique case. See, this one has a sister title under the name Mega Man X Dive, distributed within other regions under a different publisher, will still continue on indefinitely according to the announcement, meaning that the Korean, North American, European, and Latin American versions of the game will still be playable and supported!

On top of this, Rockman X Dive specifically will also be allowing players daily gacha draws for free to allow you to get all the characters you want to try before it does end later this year. So, if you want to get in on that ahead of time, you can download the game for free at either of the links below!

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