Kiloo launches click and match Mega Bloks for iPhone

LEGO meets match-three

Kiloo launches click and match Mega Bloks for iPhone
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Another match-three puzzler with a twist... That seems to be the way to start these articles about match-three puzzlers with a twist.

And Kiloo Games' Mega Bloks has plenty of twist.

As well as being based on the Canadian toy brand (like LEGO, but with a presumable legal difference), it's also a game that's almost wilful in the way it shifts the expected gameplay of the genre.

There's something going on

For one thing, there's tilt control over the camera, although it's also semi-dynamic in that it follows the flow of green ooze, which moves around each level, destroying your bloks as it goes, if you're not quick enough to use them.

As the genre demands, you have to move the bloks around, getting at least three of the same colour touching vertically to score points.

You touch them to move them, although as often times they will be stuck together in stacks of other coloured bloks, it's more difficult than it would otherwise be.

Adding to your options are power ups such as bomb bloks, freeze bloks, lettered bloks - which you can use to spell M-E-G-A and gain more points.

More twisty though, each level flows into the next, meaning that although I didn't really know how successful I was being, I seemed to be scoring points and progressing.

I guess it's not quite a simple pick-up-and-play title.

Still, with OpenFeint for achievements and high scores, you can compare your rank with the rest of the world.

Mega Bloks is out now for iPhone and iPod touch, costing 99c, €0.79 or 59p.