Luc Bernard: iPhone's Mecho Wars could appear on DSi

Creator taking it one port at a time

Luc Bernard: iPhone's Mecho Wars could appear on DSi
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Luc Bernard, the man behind the recent (and rather good) iPhone release Mecho Wars, has spoken of his future plans for the title. It’s already been confirmed that a WiiWare version of the turn-based strategy game is in the works, and when quizzed he conceded that “A DSiWare one might happen.”

Otherwise, Oyaji Games will be concentrating on improving Mecho Wars on iPhone with a variety of free updates, the first of which concentrates on the user interface.

Bernard’s next original release will be Rose Princess, which “is set in Paris and plays very much like Konami's recent DS Castlevania titles.” It should be out on WiiWare by the end of the year, but Bernard wouldn’t count out a DSiWare version when interviewed back in January.

The French designer is also working on Mechopolis, a robot-building open world game, which will be released sometime in 2010.

You can read the latest interview here.

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